Global OTC Brokerage and Digital Asset Services

A division of the Zaner Group
Trusted financial heritage in the digital realm


Customer Value

Fast onboarding, low fees and regulated oversight deliver the highest value to our users.


Streamlined Process

Our sophisticated partner network ensures deep liquidity and same-day settlement.


24/7 Support

Specialists are available around the clock for the traditionally high level of Zaner support.


Services and Features

  • A Trusted Bridge for OTC

    With its over-the-counter services, Zaner Digital has established a secure and regulated link between the traditional financial world and emerging digital assets market.

  • Same-Day Settlement

    Zaner Digital offers 24/7 same-day settlement for OTC trading, aided by powerful banking relationships and an extensive network of liquidity providers.

  • Varying Scale OTC Transactions

    Our trading desk can execute block transactions from just $1,000 up to $100m, across a wide selection of digital assets.

  • Other Digital Asset Services

    Contact us for a free consultation on wholesale digital asset acquisition and liquidation, or to discuss other matters like compliance, conversions and crowdfunding. We’re happy to offer our expertise.